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Manderz Musings: Dilemma

Manderz Musings


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My choices are:
A) finish my assignment (or at least get to the halfway point), because it is due tomorrow, and probably worth a pretty big chunk of marks; or
B) go to bed because it's 11pm, and I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back on track, and it's not like I was planning on finishing the assignment (truthfully) anyways.

The good student/perfectionist side of me wants to choose
Option A.  The unmotivated student is leaning towards Option B.

This post is obviously a part of neither Option A or Option B.  It is simply something for myself.

IMG_4910Today I bought 2 packs of Jelly Bellies.  One with original flavours, one with sour flavours.  The original flavour box kept me company during the mandatory lecture/presentation at school.  The sour flavour box was supposed to help me not stress over this assignment.  But I kind of ate most of them while reading random blogs (I love the Randomizer feature of! - although it doesn't seem to be working anymore for me).

I am thinking perhaps I should be leaving a comment on all the random blogs I frequent, just to introduce myself.  Especially since I'm noticing the SiteMeter symbol on a fairly regular basis.  I know I'm curious about who all happens across my blog.  That's why I love SiteMeter: I get to at least see where everyone who stops by is from.


I really wish more people would comment though.  Even a simple "hi" can make my day.  Honestly.  And guess what?! you don't even need an account or anything.    So, if you read this, I think you should make the effort.  Please?

I got more needles put in my back at physio tonight.  It was back to the usual pain level though, so it wasn't too bad.  Actually, the worst is probably the rest of the night when I get twinges every time I use those muscles.  Tomorrow it will be better than it was originally, so I'm not worried.

After class today I got some more Christmas shopping done.  So I'm completely done for 2 people, and I've started for another 3.  :-)  I still need more ideas for those 3, and the remaining people on my list.  I've been planning my shopping carefully so far - I'm avoiding rush hour (such a waste of gas!), and I'm trying to take advantage of as many sales and deals and coupons as possible.  A part of me feels guilty for trying to save money, but then my frugal side usually pulls through in the end.  I am going to need as much money in savings as possible for when I move out after all.

I keep hoping for a breakthrough in terms of Fort McMurray.  Either a job (even an interview would be nice right now!), finding a great place, school to finish, a chance to pack, anything really.  Because right now, I just want to get started.  I'm not very patient.

It's now 11:45pm.  I kept getting distracted by links to different blogs.  Story of my life lately.  Guess I went with Option C.  But now I really need to go to bed.

Don't forget to comment. ;-)


At November 19, 2008 at 1:10 AM , Blogger Kyle said...

Christmas shopping? Already? Good lord... i don't even want to THINK about Christmas yet!!

And even though this is overdue since i'm a few hours ahead - option A would be your best bet :P.


At November 19, 2008 at 8:13 AM , Blogger Mrs. Alston said...

nice work on the christmas shopping! and i dont think there is any shame in trying to is just good sense!!! i've been struggling with option A and Option B too...sadly, B has always won out!!!

At November 19, 2008 at 3:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


I miss you!!

Can't wait for my own blogging to begin...


At November 19, 2008 at 10:20 PM , Blogger Mrs. Alston said...

Your "blogs i Adore" list has totally exploded! I have so many new blogs to read now!!!


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