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Saturday, November 22, 2008


It is 11:24pm.  That means I have 36 minutes to post this blog.  Because that's what NaBloPoMo is about.  Oh dear, 11:25pm.  I know myself.  I know how easily I become distracted.  Sometimes having 2 monitors works against me.  Like now.  Me typing this on one screen, multiple exciting blogs to read on the other.  The other blogs just happen to be on the bigger screen.  That doesn't make it any easier.  Could I change them around?  Yes.  Could I switch back to only a single monitor?  Yes.  Will I do either?  No.


11:27pm now.  I read a great book today.  Very short.  But it got the point across, and there really wasn't any fluff.  It's about boosting morale at work.  Does that sound corny to anyone?  It does to me.  I still think the book is worth a read though.  It inspired me.  I hope.


And 11:31pm.  Finding a picture and link took up some time.  But I can do this.  29 minutes to go.  Work went well today.  I was at the vet.  And I got to do what I do best (and honestly, enjoy the most) - answer phones, filing, and faxing.  Not that I mind manning the front desk and admitting patients and looking after the invoices.  But being in the back is just that little bit more comfortable for me.  I feel less stressed out when things get busy back there.  Even if the phone is ringing off the hook, and I've got piles of paper everywhere.  I still feel organized.  Hopefully my next job in Fort McMurray will let me live up to my full potential.  Although I will still probably take anything that sounds half decent.  And a phone call to start things off would be greatly appreciated.

So 11:36pm now.  I feel like saying I love you Jason.  Just because I can.  And because I know you'll read this first thing when you get up in the morning.  As much as you can read with one eye looking blearily at the bright screen of your Blackberry.  Mwah!  Have fun looking at our future home.  You better give me all the details as soon as you get them.  And I really would like pictures.

11:39pm and counting.  Maybe I can write a decent amount of words relatively quickly when I put my mind to it.  The inspiration seems to almost be coming faster than usual too.  No suffering from writer's block for me tonight.  No siree.  I feel I should probably apologize for that horrible rhyme there.  Blegh.  I went and bought some new knitting needles today.  They're circular.  So I can make an even wider blanket.  I am quite excited.  I need to find a pattern tonight or tomorrow.  Then I will go buy yarn.  I have the colours picked out already.  I got the needles for 50% at Michael's.  They've been giving me coupons every time I go.  Very good tactic on there part.  I've bought stuff there 5 times now in the past 2 weeks.  So honestly, don't be surprised if your Christmas present comes from there.

knitting needles

My clock is now showing 11:47pm.  That paragraph took a bit longer to write.  And finding the picture ate up more time.  I didn't know where to go this time.  Google helped.  Tomorrow I work at the library.  The Fish! mindset will be tested.  Perhaps it is best that way.  Trial by fire.

And 11:50pm.  I had to blow my nose after that last paragraph.  I can't think when it gets all blocked up.  It drives me insane.  I'm special like that.  Even though this happens every single year around this time.  It's just the air.  It doesn't get along with the inside of my nose.  I usually end up with a bloody nose whenever I try to blow it.  Which is essentially what caused the blockage in the first place.  Too much information?  Probably.

I'm thinking 11:52pm is probably a good time to start wrapping this up.  Just to be on the safe side.  The internet is not a thing to be trusted.  Although I do like internet banking.  Much more convenient.  Back off any would-be identity thieves.  You don't want to mess with me.  I will find you!

On that pleasant note, I bid you good night.  :-)

11:54pm.  Nice.


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