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Manderz Musings: Knitting

Manderz Musings


Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today was a crappy day.  I'm leaving it at that - I don't need to give it any more power.

In other news, during my day off yesterday I watched the movie Enchanted, and knitted.

This is my "current" project: a lap blanket.
IMG_4899 IMG_4903

This is an "old" project I found in my knitting drawer: no real plan - possibly a scarf.
IMG_4900 IMG_4902

I like to keep my knitting simple, especially since I tend to forget about the projects for random periods of time.  And this way I spend less time "un-knitting" my mistakes (I happen to be really good at it, I'm too scared to take the needles out and just rip out the mistakes in case I can't all the loops back on the needle properly).

For Christmas this year I'm trying to avoid gift cards at all costs.  They've been my "gift of choice" if you will for the longest time.  So easy.  But I want to be a little more creative this year.  I'm still asking for a Wish List from people, but hopefully I can figure a few out on my own.

I've been debating on and off about sending Christmas cards to the people I still care about that I'm not getting gifts for.  But then I remember I don't have any addresses.  Plus my To Do List already stresses me out at the best of times.  So perhaps adding something bordering on unnecessary (however thoughtful and caring the intention might be) is just a bit this side of crazy.  We'll see.  So if I end up asking for your address, just send it ASAP.  Or you could send it to me regardless of whether I ask or not.

My blog reading list has become quite long.  I love every minute of catching up though.  I haven't posted the majority of them in my Fav Blogs List simply because I'm a total creeper on most of them.  Perhaps a quick list here (where it will eventually become lost in the mass of old posts) will ease the guilt I feel I should be feeling (although I really don't feel that guilty - that's why people have the opportunity to go private with their blogs).'s the links (I hope they work, as I'm simply copying them from my Google Reader):
Some are more frequent posters than others, some are "people" others are run by "companies/organizations/etc". 

But I am staying up too late for all the wrong reasons, so I'm going to attempt to get ready for bed.


At November 13, 2008 at 8:24 AM , Blogger Booker & Krystal said...

im impressed by the size of your knitting projects, i used to know hwo to knit, but couldnt make anythign much bigger then a pot holder!


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