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Manderz Musings: A Weekend Together

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Monday, November 10, 2008

A Weekend Together

My Jason came back home this weekend.  First time since he left in October.  It was a fantastic 3 days - we managed to cram a lot in (including the ever-so-important cuddle time).


Thursday night I was so excited, and didn't really want to go to bed.  So I did some more cleaning of Jason's room (because I enjoy cleaning/organizing other people's stuff).  And I rolled some coins.  $75 worth to be exact.  It does add people, believe me.  I also ate a whole container of organic raspberries, and some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.


Friday I picked up Jason from the bus station just after 6:30am.  I slept in a bit, but his bus was late so it ended up working out quite nicely.  Then we got to have some early morning cuddling.  :-)  I definitely miss that.  We went to Phil's for breakfast, to the mall for a bit, met up with some of his old co-workers for lunch, Jason got a massage that I'd given him for Christmas last year, then we walked around the mall a bit more.  For dinner we ordered sushi, and went back to his place and watched Idiocracy.  We ordered way more sushi than we usually eat, with the hope that we might have a few pieces leftover.  Well, we both can put away sushi like no one's business, so that didn't happen.  Oh well.  Then we went to bed early.

I'm going to get in trouble for posting this one...but I think it's cute.  I love watching him shave.

Breakfast at Phil's



Saturday we slept in and cuddled (as per my request - Jason's the type to get up early and go).  We went to Pffantastic Pannkoek Haus (I think that's how it's spelled) for breakfast.  So yummy.  After that we hit up the mall again.  I got kind of grumpy with all the people (and the ensuing chaos in the parking lot).  But we went for a walk in the dog park, and all was right again.  It was fun looking at all the dogs, and making plans for when we have dogs of our own.  We had more sushi for dinner, and watched Celebrity Rehab II.  Then we went over to Chris and Lani's for a visit and to watch The Incredible Hulk.  A bit of a late night, but it was good times.


More sushi!


Sunday morning we had to get up early to meet up with Jason's parents and Dustin and Tiffany for breakfast.  I made us late (it takes me a while to get ready...even without doing my hair or
make-up).  We went to Denny's, and we had to take up two booths since we didn't all fit in one (this Denny's was poorly designed - nothing but small booths).  After that we all hung out at the condo for a bit.  Once everyone left, Jason and I went back to the dog park.  It was a really nice day out, and there were dogs everywhere!  So nice.  We got some bubble tea after, then went back for a nap.  Dinner was pizza, and then we had to pack.  We left time for a
good-bye cuddle (which of course, I spent a large chunk of crying).  Then I took Jason back to the bus station, and waited there with him until his bus came.


A beautiful day at the dog park

Dogs everywhere


Saying good-bye was definitely much harder this time around.  But I got "over" it a lot quicker - I know we have the daily phone and/or webcam conversations to look forward to.  This next stretch is going to be 6 weeks instead of 4, but then we'll get 5 days together for Christmas.

I can say that distance sure does make the heart grow fonder. 

This is "Pulkie".  Jason brought him back from Peru (way back in April).  He's made of baby alpaca.  So soft.  He's my cuddle-buddy for all the nights Jason's not home.  I figured that earned him an honourable mention.


At November 11, 2008 at 8:12 AM , Blogger Booker & Krystal said...

I"VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS POST!!! only five days for Christmas??? you're amazing! i would die!!! i'm so glad you had such a fantastic time together!!i love spending every minutes, awake or sleeping with booker...sounds like you enjoy that too!!! thats the first real good photo of jason i've seen...hottie!! ;)


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