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Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Been Hectic

Well I survived the trek to Fort McMurray.  My first impression of the city is a good one.  It's really pretty with trees everywhere.  It also seems relatively small for a city (at least compared to Calgary), which will be nice for a change.  We'll see what I think once I get stuck in rush hour.  :-s  

For now, we're staying in Jason's rented room.  The house is so messy.  Yuck.  I'm really looking forward to moving into our suite.  It will be nice to have our own space.  And to unpack.  I usually travel relatively neatly (everything gets put back in my bag when not in use),  but this trip I've been really messy.  And mess equals stress for me.

Today I am feeling really lazy.  I dislike job hunting on the best of days.  I also need to go grocery shopping since Jason doesn't have any food that I want to eat.  I'm a picky eater.  I know it, I admit it, and I'm not ashamed.  Hopefully my car will start though.  Jason couldn't get it to start this morning when he left for work.  It's warmed up a bit now (to a balmy -29 C or -38 C with wind chill) though.

I'm going to keep it short today.  It's taken far too long to write what little I have already.  Hopefully I can get back into posting on a regular basis again.  I also need to catch up on all the blogs I followed.  If nothing else, it will give me something to do until I get settled and start to meet people.


At December 29, 2008 at 12:50 PM , Blogger Mrs. Alston said...

Welcome to Fort McMurry! I bet its stinkin cold there, becuase it was really cold over Christmas in Edmonton!! It is a really pretty city, and they have really good rec facilities, so you should check those out, to help keep you busy!
Good luck on the job hunt! yuck is right!! you'll find something though!!

At December 30, 2008 at 10:52 AM , Blogger ~Jessica Dawn said...

Hey sis!!!

Glad you made it there safely! I was getting worried not hearing from you!!

My fingers & toes are crossed that the perfect job falls into your lap... maybe a job at a yoga studio??

Anyways... Soda & Mondae send love... and a big LUMULK from me!!! xoxox


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