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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Letter from the Past

My friend Jill wrote this for me back in high school.  I found it while packing today.  It made me smile, brought back some memories, and reminded me of all I aspired to be back then (which sadly, I've lost – but at least I know I need to find it again).

Me & Jill

A list of everything I adore about my amazing BEST FRIEND Mandy:

- She is really good looking.  Ugly people put me in a bad mood sometimes, but her sexy cheekbones and abs make my day.
- She tries to make me save my money instead of spending it on silly things like lingerie.  It is very cute to watch her feeble attempts to make me less shopaholicy.
- Mandy always agrees with me when I'm mad at the Jew.  So if I hate him, she hates him too, but most of the time I luuuuurve him so she luuuuurves him too.
- But she did call him defective Wal-Mart merchandise, which was really funny.
- Whenever I'm REALLY upset, she always makes sure to do something very ditzy to make me laugh forever.  She has said, "Whrrr....chop, chop, chop!" and broken a laundry rack (after making it fall down the stairs) just for me.
- I can talk 'sexy' encounters and she doesn't get gross or judgemental.
- Mandy always wants action.
- She is a super librarian.  She can shelf read like nobody's business.  Hell, she did the CDs forever.  That's amazing.  She can also carry many books at a time and agrees with me on shelving methods.
- She isn't afraid of me.
- Mandy used to come to fencing tournaments and cheer me on, even though she didn't know what was happening.
- She makes good iced tea.
- And there is always some in her fridge.
- She gives me gum and only charges me a hug.  Those machines at the mall and at the entrance to Safeway charge me twenty-five cents per piece.
- When I'm being REALLY stupid, she tries to give me the 'look' but winds up laughing at me, because I am a crazy, overly medicated girl.
- She takes photos.  And is REALLY good looking in photos, too.  I'm sort of jealous of her for that.
- I'm REALLY jealous of how together she is, because she is always on top of things.
- When I'm being too dramatic about things, she lets me know in her own little way and then everything feels a lot better, even though I feel a bit stupid for being such a drama queen.  Again.

HOWEVER.  She needs to learn the following things:

- That designer clothing is fundamental to life.
- That it is okay to fake sick, take a day off work and spend the day crying in bed.
- That skate shoes went out with the Spice Girls.

Here are more things I love about Miss Mandy:

- She tells me not to cry when somebody (usually a boy) upsets me.  It never works, but then I know that I can always count on somebody to look out for my pride and to make sure I don't let silly things like guys get me down.
- When I think about her, I feel special because nobody else has such a great friend, so it makes me think that everyone else is a sucker and that I kick ass.
- Sometimes when I am down (because my Prozac dose isn't quite right), I can always think of my Mandy, who loves me dearly.  Then I get happy again.  Seriously.  It is like a bloody Christmas special.  WARM AND FUZZY.  Bite me.
- I just want to jump around and scream about how happy it makes me that I have somebody who is practically my sister.  I mean, I have a sister, but she makes me mad, not goofily happy.
- When I sleepover with her, we cuddle a bit and it is the warmest feeling in the world.  Warmer than my dad's Arctic conditions coat and snow pants.  Warmer than cuddling in front of a heat vent.
- Even though I said this above already, it makes me feel super cool to know that barely anybody in the whole wide world is lucky enough to have an amazing best friend who loves you no matter what you do.
- She has a letter fetish.
- Also, she reads all of those paperback romance novels, and someday I think they will turn her into Samantha from Sex and the City.
- Mandy kills all her fish.  It is pretty entertaining.
- I like looking at Mandy and imagining what she's going to be when she's older.  She'll be SO AMAZING because she's smart and gorgeous and everything else that a person needs to just be fanbloodytastic.  Looking at her is like looking at a Chanel dress and thinking about where you'll wear it.
- Mandy is fearless.  She throws herself off various bits of metal and wood with her feet strapped to an oval shaped orb and isn't afraid.  Me?  No way.
- Her bruises always look hot.
- Including her hickies.
- Mandy is like a backup disk for me.  So if I ever lose sight of myself and who I am, she will be right there to put all of that information back into my hard drive.
- Mandy doesn't need a backup disk.
- But she lets me be her backup disk.
- She inspires me to stay up until 1:30 in the morning writing a list about how much I love her.


At December 18, 2008 at 8:17 AM , Blogger Mrs. Alston said...

awww, she sounds like the best best friend ever!! that was lovely!! how kind! thats a nice little surprise to find again!

At December 28, 2008 at 2:40 AM , Blogger Sara said...

hahahaha omg
do you remember our first year together in riders
i remember i was blown away by your full frontal sexuality - actually, i think all us young-uns were. pretty much my first thoughts about you involved me worshipping you, because you were a) GORGEOUS b) totally honest about sex and c) had a piercing in a place karine did not want to know about HAHAHAHHA
omg mandy i miss you


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