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Manderz Musings: The First Week

Manderz Musings


Monday, January 5, 2009

The First Week

It's hard to believe that I've been in Fort McMurray for over a week now.  The time has gone by so quickly looking back, and yet seems to pass so slowly during the days.  I'm definitely at the point where I just want the job hunt to be over and to actually be working.  Puttering around with "nothing" to do is very, very low on the entertainment value list.

"Nothing" isn't really an accurate term, as I could be doing more job hunting, or putting away all the miscellaneous items that I've left in boxes, or even doing some yoga or knitting.  However, today was really one of those days where I just didn't have the motivation to do anything.

Last night wasn't so great as far as sleeping goes.  I went to bed at 10pm with Jason (which happens to be very early in comparison to my Calgary bedtime), and I tossed and turned until around midnight.  Then I had a restless sleep, obviously woke up when Jason got up at 5am, and finally managed to get a decent hour or so until my alarm went off at 7am.  Granted, I am in a new bed, in a new environment – but it's a comfy bed, and I even brought my teddy bears to cuddle with!

Tonight I'm staying up a bit later to hopefully eliminate the wait before I fall asleep.  Fingers crossed it works.

I remembered to take my camera with me on Sunday.  So I shall finish this post of with some pictures.  I even added in a few of some of the rooms in our new place – I'll add the remaining rooms once I've cleaned them up a bit more.  :-)

This was me attempting to pull out one of those adjustable shelf-holding plugs.  You know what I mean….

Some of the MANY trees that you see when driving around the city.  They're everywhere (well, other than in the middle of downtown, but even then, they aren't far away)!

Jason driving.

Jason watching the football game at Earl's.

Our friendly neighbourhood bartender…aka my part-time Fort McMurray tour guide…aka Brad.  :-)

Just me testing out the zoom feature on my camera.  Aren't those glasses stacked so prettily?

Self portrait by Brad.

Brad and Jason found this picture much too funny.

Jason made stir fry in our new wok. (Thanks again Mom & Dad!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

The Spare Bedroom


This room is just off the bottom of the stairs when entering the suite.


We're using it to hang our coats, store our non-wet shoes (well, mainly my shoes), and to store our recycling "facilities".


The recycling "facilities" consist of a box on the floor for cans, milk jugs, and glass; a bag on the front of the door for cardboard and paper; and a bag on the back of the door for bottles and such.  There's also a container on the other side of the door for all our plastic bags.

The Kitchen


The kitchen is at the very foot of the stairs, and is split into two sections.


There's not a lot of storage space.  And we only have 2 bar fridges (with a small freezer on one of them).  So space is a bit tight, but so far we're doing well.


We don't have a stove, but with the aforementioned electric wok from my parents, as well as the microwave, hot plate, toaster over, toaster, and kettle that came with the place, it's working quite well for us.


The sink is only a single one, but we have a super amazing dishwand thing.  Well, I think it's super amazing, but then again, I've never used one before.  You put the soap in the handle, and then you don't need to fill the sink with water to get effective cleaning.  Wow!

The Bathroom


As far as bathrooms go, I quite like ours.  On the wall opposite there's a towel bar and a fairly spacious linen closet.  I got some pink grapefruit hand soap, and a Mandarin Green Tea Air Wick Night Light to make the room smell fantastic.  There's not a lot of counter space, but I've decided to do my hair and make-up in our bedroom (as you will see in a future post), so that's not really an issue.


At January 6, 2009 at 4:51 PM , Blogger ~Jessica Dawn said...

I love the place...

I can't wait for Jarid & my house... our OWN space... not already half furnished... and all belonging to his parents... GAH!

Anywho... sending love... good luck with the rest of the settling in... and the job hunt... fingers are crossed, and you know the offer is still open to come help me out!!!


At January 7, 2009 at 11:55 AM , Anonymous Jill said...

The place is really nice, although the lack of a kitchen (seriously, what the hell?) may drive you to order in or eat a bunch of frozen meals. Both expensive. You could always get a counter top dishwasher that hooks up to your sink. I had one of those wand things; don't leave it sponge-side down! Because then there is dishsoap EVERYWHERE and it's just depressing. You may as well throw out the whole sink.

Tub looks nice a deep, which is an excellent plus (if you're me, anyway).

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