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Manderz Musings


Friday, January 9, 2009

Picture Post!

These are my cozy slippers!!!  I wear them almost constantly around the suite to keep my toes warm.

Jason playing with the camera.

 The Living/Dining Room

The couch, and the door to our bedroom.

The dining room table, which we've only eaten 2 meals at so far since I was using it as my computer station for the job hunt.  Now my computer area has been moved to the back corner (on a box).  So if I want the big monitor (or dual monitors) set-up, it's easy to do.  Mostly I just use my laptop on the couch.  Or now, I'm at the table with my wireless keyboard.

Here's another look at the dining room table and computer set-up.  We don't use the chair very much, although it is rather comfy.  The end table holds A LOT: phone, alarm clock (which I use to listen to the radio, and tell the time), all sorts of munchies, Kleenex, hand lotion, a cup of pens, paper….and currently some nail polish that I keep meaning to put on.

This is our entertainment centre, with yoga prop storage to the side.  I really like all the storage.  Jengo and Speck are back in their big homes, and now have Buddha to keep them company.  The TV is small-ish, but it's enough for us.

The Bedroom

20090109_162505  Here's the bed our bed and nightstands.  We took the pillows and duvet from the spare bedroom to add to ours.  It's super cozy.

That whole dresser is mine.  :-)  I use it (and the chair that all my teddy bears sit) to do my hair/make-up now.  Having all that space on top to spread out is really nice.  The hanging thing on the right side is Jason's - that's all he has for clothes!  The rest of the closet is mine (well, we share the floor space).


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