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Manderz Musings: A Simple Sunday

Manderz Musings


Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Simple Sunday

My sleep wasn't very good last night.  I couldn't fall asleep, then I kept waking up and couldn't fall back asleep, and finally I was so uncomfortable I ended up moving to the couch.  That whole drama left me pretty tired, and with a sore lower back.  Always great fun.

We went for brunch at Earl's once again.  It was a tradition Jason started before I arrived, and something we will most likely continue.  Jason and Brad enjoy "visiting" with each other (albeit across a bar), and we get a hot meal without making it ourselves.  Nothing to complain about, that's for sure.  Today was a French Toast day for me, and another Egg's Benedict day for Jason.

After eating, and relaxing for a bit, we went to the library.  I was constantly comparing FMM's library to Calgary's, and they balance each other out in the end.  Although I continue to be surprised in the areas that FMM edges out Calgary.  The shelves are a bit messy order-wise, and I don't understand some of the cataloguing, but there was a good selection.  Even Jason managed to find a book (and he doesn't usually enjoy reading).

It was off to Mark's Work Wearhouse to get some more long underwear for Jason (luckily we were able to find his size, as those shelves were almost bare), then we hit up Safeway for some groceries.  It was pretty busy and picked over, so I think grocery shopping might involve a bit more strategic planning in the future (ie. either Jason and I going on a weekday, or first thing Saturday morning).  We were able to get what we needed though, so that's all that really matters in the end.

The rest of the afternoon was spent curled up on the couch with a hot drink reading.  Very peaceful, and very relaxing.  Dinner was soup for Jason and cereal for myself.  Easy and satisfying.  Jason did some yoga, I played a few games of Solitaire, we watched a bit of TV and that was about it for our weekend.

Tomorrow is back to work for Jason, and I will hopefully get a call from my new job about when I get to start.  Hope you had a great weekend!

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Some pictures from last night…

Jason curled up on the couch…

Watching TV and napping away…


He's ignoring me here…

And here…

The computer set-up I had – Jason's mac for listening to Nickelback's new album, and my Dell (and wireless keyboard/mouse) for catching up on my blog reading.  The Kleenex and lotion were necessary for the running nose and dry hands that have been plaguing me lately.

Such a cutie…

And to end it all – me, making faces at myself in the mirror, and capturing it on camera.


At January 12, 2009 at 3:05 PM , Blogger Mrs. Alston said...

Jason looks about as enthusiastic as Booker when it comes to picture taking! haha!!! i see the trick now, just gotta catch them when they're sleeping, then there is no protesting!


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