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Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I worked today.  It went well.

Jason and I watched Iron Chef America tonight.  We both suddenly became very hungry.

I'm going to bed now.  I plan on cuddling with Jason so I can borrow some body heat.  :-)

Oh, and Lovely Lady with the Crazy Cats, I apologize, but I have yet to start your letter.  Although, I blame you for setting the standards high with 5 pages (not that I'm complaining – it was a fantastic read).

Tomorrow I might wear some high heels to work.



At January 29, 2009 at 4:07 PM , Anonymous Gertrude McSally said...

You overthink laundry. It's not such a logistical nightmare. Good god.

Here are my favourite HEALTHY things to make that take very little time:
-Chicken tortillas. Just stir fry chicken with tex mex spice, and toss it in with some cheese and VEGETABLES. Peppers. Onions. Delicious. Oh man, I've got a craving...
-Greek Salad with pasta. Kraft makes a really good greek dressing, but you have to buy the 'calorie wise' one, which is less oily. But everything tastes good with feta.
-Szechuan style chicken stir fry with safeway brand frozen 'stir fry vegetables.' They're pretty good. I just dump it all on a pile of brown rice. Which is better for you.
-Frozen meatballs w/ spaghetti. Safeway makes good ones that are healthy. I don't want you to get scurvy.
-Lasagna. Ground beef, some sauce, some cheese. No brainer.

Now you have many wonderful ideas from someone who has survived on her own for over two and a half years!


Make with the letter.


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