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Manderz Musings: Wide Load on Road

Manderz Musings


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wide Load on Road

Today Jason and I went for a drive.  After a stop at Tim's for breakfast of course.  I'm not very impressed with 2 of their staff members – the ones that make the sandwiches.  They just don't seem to understand the meaning of working quickly, even when there's a line up of people waiting.  It was the same staff, and the same situation last time I went in too.  Maybe if they weren't talking with each other, I'd be a bit more forgiving.  Much too frustrating to watch them though, so I waited in the car while Jason waited for our food.

On the way to Tim's.

Jason being Jason – always making faces.

We drove out to the local ski hill first.  It actually looks like a decent hill – bigger than COP with lots of trees like all the mountains have.  Definitely still a hill, but they have freestyle features including a halfpipe, and what looks to be a fun tube park.  Both of us are pretty excited to give the hill, and the tubing, a try.

After that we drove around one of the communities on the south side of town that Jason would like to buy a house in.  There are some nice places there, although I'm not a huge fan of the location since you have to drive through/past the industrial area to get to anything (ie. grocery store, gas station).  Plus then my job would be on the opposite side of town.  Getting a house is still a few months (in Jason's mind) to many more months (in my mind) away, so I'm not too worried.

Then we trekked north of the city towards the oil sands.  We encountered a HUGE wide load on the way.  It was insane!  2 semis pulling, and 4 pushing.



This was it turning left across the highway.  It's "entourage" took up both sides of the highway (2 lanes + full shoulders each side) and the whole ditch in the middle.

 20090110_134715 edit
Just to put it in perspective – those green circles happen to be people standing up.

A close up of the 4 semis pushing.

Just a view of the road, and forests, on the way back to FMM.

For dinner we went to Boston Pizza with Renita and Richard.  Renita got a new job this week too, so we were celebrating.  It was great to see them again. 

Jason says "Hi" from his current spot on the couch.  Hope you're having a great weekend!

PS – I am planning on responding to all the e-mails and Facebook messages/comments.  Honestly.

PPS – My new camera is awesome! Thanks again Mom & Dad.


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