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Monday, February 23, 2009

What a Night

Tonight, Jason is out of town on a business trip.
I really wanted a hug.

Tonight, I went to get my hair cut.
The stylist screwed up.  My bangs are crooked.  I'm scared of fixing them more than I have, in case I screw them up even more.  She didn't do a good job on the rest of it either, but at least it's not noticeable in a ponytail.  Thanks for wasting my money.

Tonight, I ate a bag of rice chips for dinner.
I wanted to cook; I don't know what stopped me.  I'm still hungry.

Tonight, I got frustrated about the mess.
It's everywhere.  Mostly my fault.  I haven't been motivated.

Tonight, the frustration turned into mega frustration.
So I cleaned.  I washed dishes.  I emptied the crap from the fridges.  I wiped all the random dirt and hairs and other gross stuff out of the fridges (I did that 1 1/2 months ago too…where did it come from?!).  I got the trash ready for garbage day tomorrow.  I put clean clothes away.  I cleared space on the table.  I wiped down the bathroom.  I put all the towels in the laundry bin.

Tonight, it's almost over.
There's still so much I want to do.  But it's already late.

Tonight, I'm sleeping with all my teddy bears again.  I'm hogging all the blankets, guilt-free.  I'm going to sleep in the middle of the bed.  And fall asleep to music from speakers, rather than headphones.

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At February 24, 2009 at 2:06 PM , Blogger SoMi's Nilsa said...

Go back to that stylist and have him/her correct what's wrong. If they're worth a damn, they'll do it free of charge and they will be very apologetic in the process!


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