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Manderz Musings: Happy Times

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy Times

Yesterday we got our house!!!  I am super excited.  This weekend I intend to start cleaning.  Top to bottom.  Well, maybe not anything too  major in the basement seeing as there's nothing down there.  But the main and upper floors for sure.  Especially the fridge, stove, and cupboards.  They're much too grimy for my liking.

Hopefully we can figure out "officially" what the wall colours and flooring types will be.  I'm curious to see how everything is actually going to look in the space.  A little nervous, as I'm not the greatest at visualising the end result, but mostly I'm just biting at the bit to get started on everything.

The weather is also warming up quite a bit.  Meaning the snow is melting.  It's insane how quickly it disappears.  Especially since it's still below freezing at night, and only reaches +2 C during the day.  Don't get me wrong, there's still lots of snow on the ground.  But I can see the pavement when driving now (which also means I'm avoiding potholes constantly), and there's even grass showing itself in some places.

Our basement suite is a bit messy at the moment.  Jason and I are both looking forward to having a bit more space, especially more functional space (ie. a coat closet, pantry, and office) with our own furniture.  Finding a home for everything will be a lot easier.  I'll no longer be keeping a box of food on the kitchen floor, and another on the spare bed.  And we'll have a place for jackets to be hung up.  Plus I'll have a desk for my computer stuff, so my end table and coffee table will be usable.  Plus not walking down the street to get in my car every morning is only increasing my excitement.

Work has been going quite well.  The office just increased their fees for everything by 10%, so I've been having to tell people that even if they have 100% coverage with their insurance, that they still owe a sizeable chunk of money for their visits.  No one's complained a whole lot yet, although it probably helps I've learned how to word things so it's not quite as bad.  My favourite phrase is "Your insurance covered everything except…$".  It usually works too.  I'm still quite amazed at the number of people who come in without cash, or a debit or credit card.  Like, really?!  I just don't really understand.

I am slowly becoming more and more of a fan of Office 2007.  Like the themes – wow, they're so easy to work with.  And there's no setup involved.  Although the "ribbon-style" is still rather annoying, I'm learning where certain buttons are.  I wish I had more reasons to play around with it.  However, I keep coming up with different things to type up at work.  Today I created a slightly different fax coversheet from the one used before – this one has the office logo rather instead of just the name. 

My camera has not been getting much use lately.  Even less than my computer has.  I brought it out for mine and Jason's pizza picnic last night (at the new house, of course).  But I haven't uploaded the few pictures I did take yet.  Soon.  Perhaps.

As you might have noticed, my list of favourite blogs has diminished.  I simply do not come on the computer often enough to be reading 200+ posts in my reader.  So I cut some of the superfluous blogs – ones that I'd only recently found, ones that I hardly read, ones that I didn't enjoy as much.  The good news – if you have a blog, and you're still on my list – I still read your posts.  Even if I never comment anymore.  And I only read once a week or so.

I'm kind of hoping that I haven't lost all of my readers with my slowdown in posting.  This is something I really, really, really want to fix once we're settled in the new place.  And I know that is just an excuse.  But really, I need to work on my commitment.  Because I miss posting.

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At April 2, 2009 at 11:00 PM , Blogger Danielle said...

I am so Excited for you!
Take care!


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