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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Tonight I went to a "boot camp" fitness class.  I knew I was out of shape - I just didn't realize how much.  At the moment, I can barely move.  Not really in pain, or stiff , it's more a matter of being thoroughly exhausted. I fell over trying to untie my shoes when I got home.  Jay was super sweet and brought me a glass of milk, and refilled my water bottle.

Tomorrow my shoulders will hurt.  I did 128 pushups tonight.  That's the exercise that sticks out the most in my mind.  Probably because that was my biggest nemesis.  I struggled through all but the first 10.  The sad thing is, the first 10 were "guy" pushups, while the remaining 118 were "girly" ones.

I think I should be ashamed.

My wheat grass continues to grow at an insane pace.  As do the weeds all over the lawn.  At least I actually enjoying pulling them out (very strange, I know).  I figure I'll be waging quite the war against this year as the neighbours on either side of us don't appear to be bothered by the large ratio of dandelions and clover vs. the ever minimal grass.

We bought a Wii on the weekend.  Mainly because I want a Wii Fit (which is currently being shipped).


At June 3, 2009 at 8:33 AM , Blogger ~Jessica Dawn said...

Hey babygirl!
Thats awesome about bootcamp... that you got in, the one in Bonnyville was full within 3 days of being posted... hopefully they run a summer one here! :)

Good luck with the danelions! You might have a full summer battle though... unless you go crazy through their lawns too! haha

Enjoy your Wii fit when it comes in... I'm in love with mine... I just hate that with only 1 tv, it seems I HAVE TO do all my workouts in the morning, or Jarid beats me to the tv... the wii... everything! I have to admit mario cart was super awesome last night... but if I had been on my fit, I woulda probably felt like less of a bump this morning! haha

can't wait to see you this weekend..
I'll be emailing you from work today!!


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