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Manderz Musings: A Rambling

Manderz Musings


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Rambling

Working overtime is 100x better when you actually want to do it.

I'm loving having my computer set up, since I can listen to all my music again.  Turns out I actually missed it.

We have our first overnight guests coming up for Thursday.  Conveniently, Jason is out of town until Thursday.  The cleaning and preparing has been left to me.  Tonight I accomplished nothing.  Tomorrow, I must accomplish more.

Top priority: laundry.  2nd in line: scrubbing the shower.

I never get to bed early enough when Jay's away.  It's almost as though he functions as my bed-time alarm clock.

070809_180741 Me, as a drowned rat

I've been craving a Wii Fit session for a few days now.  I should probably make an attempt.  Ironically enough though, both of us have gained weight since starting to be more active.  But we're both understanding, so it's all good.

My bedroom is a mess.  Barely see the floor messy.  And the only reason you can see the floor is because my parent's rule of "always have a clear path from the door to your bed and to your window" was firmly ingrained in my head.

My fridge and pantry are currently lacking in the food department.

Tar sand beetles are creepy, and probably the largest bugs I've ever seen.  It just so happens they are even creepier when they fly.  However, I did find out they only bite when trapped or scared.  Which is definitely noted in my books.

Creeping Facebook is turning out to be just as much fun as creeping Nexopia.  Oh, those were the days.  It's fun looking at all the pictures people post, seeing what's happening in everyone's life.  I think that in itself is huge – that I don't see many of those people on a regular basis anymore, so it's always cool to see where they are ending up.  It's still kind of crazy to think I graduated 3 years ago.

Lately I've definitely been feeling the urge to get a new tattoo.  Probably upper back, maybe coming down my side a bit.  Not exactly sure if I want a tree/bough of cherry blossoms, or a koi fish though.  I know I want both eventually – it's just a matter of deciding which one is right for me now…and where I want it to go.  If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, please share.  Perhaps I should just talk to my artist, seeing as he's a friend, he might be able to share an honest opinion as well.

Word-wise, this is on the of the longest blog posts I've written in a long while.

071109_101005Beer for breakfast

I accidently deleted an entire folder of unread e-mails.  I was about to restore it, and then I decided it was probably a sign that the e-mails weren't that important to begin with.  My life will not be forever altered by not reading those e-mails.  Trust me on that one.

My wheatgrass and lucky clover have both been tossed into the garbage.  My black thumb (aka irregular watering schedule) has shown itself, and won.  Yet again.  Next on my list: bamboo (again).  I just love it.  And there's no such thing as overwatering, so I just need to "fill the pot" every day, and all shall be well.  I hope.

Being the klutz that I am, I just spilled water all over my keyboard and mouse.  Luckily I have a new hairdryer.  And everything still seems to be working.  Hopefully the same will be true tomorrow.

I really miss my snowboard friends right now.  If you read this…please come visit me.

I would love to have the same keyboard and mouse at work.  Somehow I don't think I can pass it off as a justifiable expense.

071209_110403Key ingredients: cereal and a good book 

There is a bit of a debate occurring in my head (I'm not really paying a lot of attention, but it continues nonetheless).  I just can't seem to decide if I'd rather wear scrubs or business casual to work.  Scrubs mean I can wear skate shoes.  Oh how I love wearing skate shoes.  And I'd never have to make a decision about what to wear in the morning.  And doing laundry would involve less sorting.  However, wearing business casual means I get to wear heels.  I do love my heels.  Although I'd have even more options if I was allowed to wear jeans since I don't have any dress pants that are truly long enough.  Another bonus is that I wouldn't need to go buy anything new, as I have enough business casual clothes in my wardrobe to suffice.

Jay left the lights on in the basement.  The basement gives me the hee bee jee bees.  Coming back upstairs and having the dark chase me is by far the worst.  *shiver*

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