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Manderz Musings


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What a Day

Today at work we began using the new computer program.  What seemed so simple and straightforward in training, become increasingly complex and made for a rather l-o-n-g day.  It turned pretty much every single staff member into a grumpy, stress ball ready to snap at the slightest occurrence.   Horrible, horrible experience.  I truly hope the powers-that-be learned that having a fully booked day when something this big happens is not a bright idea.  There were patients waiting half an hour to check out rather than the usual couple of minutes.


Tomorrow is a new day.  And we're slowly becoming a bit more comfortable.  The front desk team made a "pact" to have a slightly less stressful day.  That's enough for me.


After work both Jason and I ended up falling asleep.  So much for our plan to paint tonight.  Looks like we'll have to just suck it up and commit tomorrow night.  I was able to accomplish quite a bit once I woke up though.


Saturday night we are going to host a UFC party.  First time having guests in our house.  There's still lots of cleaning to be done, and hopefully we can finish painting before then.  Jason is a bit concerned because of the amount of people invited, and the lack of seating.  I think it's going to make it memorable – floor seating only, bring your own pillowGSP, we shall be ready!


The One-Minute Writer Prompt of the Day

(If you want to see what this is, and what I'm writing about, just check out the link.)

- A cuddle, a hug, a kiss from one you love.
- Playing with a puppy or kitten.
- A walk outside, listening to the birds.

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