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Manderz Musings: September 2009

Manderz Musings


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I got my favicon to work!!!  So excited.  All it took was using the image in a .png format instead of .ico.  Simple, but it took much too long to figure out.

 My next goal is to install an "external" template.  It's probably going to take me a while to figure out all the coding that I have to transfer though.  The challenge is always fun though.  Even the challenge is really finding a website with directions that work.  ;-)

School is rather frustrating for me right now.  I feel like I haven't learned anything.  This was a phenomenon I noticed in my Architectural Technologies courses as well.  Whether I have mastered the concepts or not is hard to say.  I suppose I won't find out until mid-terms.  Which happen to be approaching rather quickly.  I've been trying to dedicate more time to working on accounting problems - but that means less time for my other courses.  Maybe I've set the standards too high for myself without really realizing it.  Whatever the reasons may be though, I really hate feeling stupid.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am currently quite frustrated.

None of my attempts to add the code for a favicon have worked. I've tried 3 different versions of code.

I just really want one. :-(

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Just In

The Hills - season 6 starts Tuesday!!!

I am so excited.  Although let's be honest here, another time-waster is not exactly what I need.  However, I have cancelled 2 shows I normally record.  Which more than offsets The Hills.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


My blog has been boring me, but I haven't dedicated any time to fixing it.  So that's what I've attempted to do today.  :-)  Let me know what you think.

This weekend is about cleaning the house (yet again), doing homework, playing with the boys, and hopefully squeezing in a bit of relaxation.  It seems that with me in school, and Jason doing Brazillian jiu jitsu again that these things tend to fall to the wayside during the week.  While I understand there are only so many hours in the day, and unwinding from a stressful day at work is important, I am rather frustrated by the continuity of our To Do List.

Work has been very stressful lately.  For various reasons, it has not been an enjoyable place to be.  I'm attempting to find ways to get me through the day, but they aren't always successful.  The toll of the stress on my body has become progressively worse.  My neck and back are in a near constant state of tension, and it's become painful on a few occasions.  So I'm getting a massage next week.  I would like to see a chiropractor, but I'm very hesitant as I've heard many horror stories from people everywhere.  We will see if I can get some recommendations though.

I've recently stumbled across a few new blogs.  So don't forget to check out my blogroll.  There are also links to my Facebook and Twitter which I'm updating on a daily basis (yay for using my cell phone!), as well as my recent experimentation with Delicious.  Hopefully Flickr will have some pictures up soon, but that's just one more time-consuming task that needs to be done.

I am planning on doing a "101 in 1001" list.  Every night before bed, I am going to write down goals.  Hopefully the 101 will come along quickly, although I have no intention of placing any pressure on myself to finish it by a certain time.

My September goal of writing in my journal every night has been a huge success!  I'm actually quite proud of myself.  It's definitely something I plan to continue.  When I first started the month, I tended to write very short entries, but as the month has progressed, the entries have become longer and more varied.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Because I'm in Love

Friday, September 18, 2009


I finally got around to adding some new "features" to my blog. Ones I've been meaning to add for a very long time. Really, it's only one feature - my links. Using icons.

Jay is out of town for work. Boo! But he's coming home tomorrow. Yay!

Tomorrow I work, so the fuzzybutts will have to spend another day in their kennel. At least we got out for a walk/jog/run tonight.

I could really use a chiropractor. And a good yoga session.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pizza Catastrophe

Somehow the fuzzybutts managed to get a box of pizza off the counter in our kitchen. And based on stomach size alone, we figure Dexter ate the majority of our large pepperoni. At this point neither has gotten sick, but we won't be surprised if there's a mess in the morning. Let's hope they don't get too bad though.

In other news, I posted a condensed version of our vacation in photos on Facebook. I'm going to be uploading the entire album to either Picasa or Flickr (or both) hopefully later this week. But I shall leave you with one of my favourites... I must be off to shower and get some r&r.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Am I where I should be? Not even close. I find it rather depressing starting the week off feeling as though I'm already behind. And yet this is the second week in a row like it. Unfortunately, my procrastination skill still reign supreme over almost all other skills. Somehow I must slowly hack away at this inefficiency. Otherwise I will never conquer a satisfying work/school/life balance.

Yesterday I downloaded the new Imogen Heap album Ellipse, as well as the Major Tom single by Shiny Toy Guns. I highly recommend both.

Lately I've been thinking about portion sizes. Mainly at restaurants. I have come to some conclusions:
  • Fast food breakfast combos are generally the perfect size for my appetite.
    (Current obsession: McDonald's Sausage and Egg McMuffin with a hashbrown and orange juice)
  • Fast food lunch/dinner combos are too big for me, and yet the sandwich and drink alone is not enough. Which means, I would prefer a child's size fries with my meal.
  • Sit-down restaurants have portions that are much too large. I rarely clear my plate, and I always feel guilty. Especially since I dislike leftovers as a general principle. Nothing ever tastes the same, and I disagree that food tastes better the next day. There are times I'm tempted to custom order the exact amount of food on my plate. So far I have restrained myself though.
  • I also think all restaurants offering breakfast should add a few links of sausage to all menu items - it would make deciding what to eat so much easier. I do love my breakfast sausage.

Jay and I took Mr. Giz & Bald-man to the dog park today. It was a better experience then when I went alone with the boys on Saturday.

It turns out the fuzzy-butts know how to "woof" and "bark". The "woof" is absolutely adorable. We are constantly trying to get one out of them now. Which can be rather difficult, as neither is very prone to speaking. But if we surprise them, or they don't recognize us, we have been getting results. One day I would like them to "woof" on command though.

Despite promising to upload photos from my vacation, I have yet to do so. Soon.

I am in the process of coming up with a new blog design in my head. One day when I have the time, I might actually make it a reality. My internet adventures have introduced me to vector graphics, icon sets, favicons and other exciting entities. Now I just need to learn how to integrate them (meaning I need to decipher some code - using many Google searches). I'm also debating about putzing around in CorelDRAW Essentials (my free Photoshop) and trying to draw a few things myself. Somehow I doubt my non-existent artistic skills will suddenly disappear and be replaced by some insanely creative ones though, so perhaps not. I'll probably just download a bunch of free graphics and such created by other talented individuals, and create a hodge-podge I can call my own.

I'm also curious, what other "social" sites are you using? Facebook? Twitter? Digg? Delicious? Flickr? MySpace? Anything else?

Tomorrow is fast approaching though, and it's going to be a busy day. So too-da-loo!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to the Grind

I have been home a week tomorrow from vacation. Yes, I am aware I have not posted any pictures yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

It has been quite a crazy week. Monday was getting back in the groove at work, Tuesday I took most of the day off to go to the college for my textbooks, id, etc. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights I had class. Needless to say, I am quite happy that it is a long weekend.

All my boys have adjusted quite well to being home. Jay tried out a jiu-jitsu class on Tuesday, and he's definitely interested in going on a regular basis. Dex & Giz have stopped misbehaving quite as much, and training seems to be progressing.

Today was for sleeping in and cuddling. This afternoon Jay vacuumed and washed the main floor. I did some laundry and took our furry boys to the vet for a nail trim and travel medication. After we went to the dog park for the first time. I wasn't sure how they would do, so I kept them leashed to each other. But they had a blast with the other dogs, and only attempted to leave the area once (which I had anticipated, so they didn't get very far). I really want to take them back with Jay this weekend so we can let them run free. While they were chasing a larger dog, Giz ended up dragging Dex since his legs are a bit longer. It made me laugh though. Jay and I gave the boys a bath when we got back, so they smell all pretty now.

Tomorrow I'll be doing more laundry and (hopefully) complete all of my homework and reading for next week.

Lately I've been feeling very frustrated by the lack of writing I'm doing. I rarely journal, I update my blog only sporadically. So I made the decision to make this Start Writing September. I haven't had a theme month in much too long. What this means to me is that I will write in my journal nightly. Even if I have nothing more to write than "Today was a good day, and now I am tired." Because if I'm honest, that is still writing something. I will also attempt to update my blog a bit more often. No time limits, and no being frustrated if it is simply a "fluffy" post about absolutely nothing. I am also committed to leaving comments on more of the blogs I read. And this is where I am trying to challenge myself to leave some words of a bit more value (at least to me).

In an attempt to spark new ideas for my writing, I've been re-reading old blogs. I have lost the location of my first attempt, but my first Nexopia post dates from January 2006. Even though I can't claim to have posted regularly since then, I am quite impressed with being a blogger for over 3 years. It is also quite amusing to see what I wrote about "back in the day". Tee hee.