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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to the Grind

I have been home a week tomorrow from vacation. Yes, I am aware I have not posted any pictures yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

It has been quite a crazy week. Monday was getting back in the groove at work, Tuesday I took most of the day off to go to the college for my textbooks, id, etc. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights I had class. Needless to say, I am quite happy that it is a long weekend.

All my boys have adjusted quite well to being home. Jay tried out a jiu-jitsu class on Tuesday, and he's definitely interested in going on a regular basis. Dex & Giz have stopped misbehaving quite as much, and training seems to be progressing.

Today was for sleeping in and cuddling. This afternoon Jay vacuumed and washed the main floor. I did some laundry and took our furry boys to the vet for a nail trim and travel medication. After we went to the dog park for the first time. I wasn't sure how they would do, so I kept them leashed to each other. But they had a blast with the other dogs, and only attempted to leave the area once (which I had anticipated, so they didn't get very far). I really want to take them back with Jay this weekend so we can let them run free. While they were chasing a larger dog, Giz ended up dragging Dex since his legs are a bit longer. It made me laugh though. Jay and I gave the boys a bath when we got back, so they smell all pretty now.

Tomorrow I'll be doing more laundry and (hopefully) complete all of my homework and reading for next week.

Lately I've been feeling very frustrated by the lack of writing I'm doing. I rarely journal, I update my blog only sporadically. So I made the decision to make this Start Writing September. I haven't had a theme month in much too long. What this means to me is that I will write in my journal nightly. Even if I have nothing more to write than "Today was a good day, and now I am tired." Because if I'm honest, that is still writing something. I will also attempt to update my blog a bit more often. No time limits, and no being frustrated if it is simply a "fluffy" post about absolutely nothing. I am also committed to leaving comments on more of the blogs I read. And this is where I am trying to challenge myself to leave some words of a bit more value (at least to me).

In an attempt to spark new ideas for my writing, I've been re-reading old blogs. I have lost the location of my first attempt, but my first Nexopia post dates from January 2006. Even though I can't claim to have posted regularly since then, I am quite impressed with being a blogger for over 3 years. It is also quite amusing to see what I wrote about "back in the day". Tee hee.


At September 6, 2009 at 6:34 AM , Blogger Mrs. Alston said...

oohhh...i love goal setting! hope it goes well! and WELCOME BACK!!! gladd you've settled back in and seem to be enjoying school!! glad you got a break on vacation before the madness of work and school combined!

At September 7, 2009 at 10:15 PM , Anonymous Charlie the Chipmunk said...

So I figure if I leave you fun and exciting comments you will post to this blasted website more, which means I will be slightly more informed about your life. Texting can only last for so long before I get really really really angry.

Anyhow. Three years ago I can imagine you were writing about HOW AWESOME your sexy boyfriend DAN is. And how irritating HIS boyfriend Jason is. Or maybe I would've just written that last one. FOUR years ago you would write random notes on due date slips and put them in my little cubby at the library. I still have every single one, and read them several times a year. I think that you should write me little notes at work and at school and then mail them all to me once a month. Maybe send along some doodles. It would make my life.


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