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Manderz Musings: Yay!

Manderz Musings


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I got my favicon to work!!!  So excited.  All it took was using the image in a .png format instead of .ico.  Simple, but it took much too long to figure out.

 My next goal is to install an "external" template.  It's probably going to take me a while to figure out all the coding that I have to transfer though.  The challenge is always fun though.  Even the challenge is really finding a website with directions that work.  ;-)

School is rather frustrating for me right now.  I feel like I haven't learned anything.  This was a phenomenon I noticed in my Architectural Technologies courses as well.  Whether I have mastered the concepts or not is hard to say.  I suppose I won't find out until mid-terms.  Which happen to be approaching rather quickly.  I've been trying to dedicate more time to working on accounting problems - but that means less time for my other courses.  Maybe I've set the standards too high for myself without really realizing it.  Whatever the reasons may be though, I really hate feeling stupid.


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