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Manderz Musings: October 2009

Manderz Musings


Friday, October 23, 2009

A Compilation

<My pups want attention right now. Even though it is well past bedtime.>

<My bathroom smells of grapefruit. The bedroom of lavender. And downstairs is a blend of vanilla, cookies and mocha. Partylite, you have a place in my heart.>

<The internet swallowed a piece of my writing. A good piece. I would like it back please.>

<I came across the idea of taking a picture a day. For an entire year. Perhaps a good 101? It might mean more pictures.>

<My accounting midterm did not eat me for breakfast as expected. Unless it is simply playing with me and will eat me cold.>

<My Blackberry is now my Crackberry.>

<My hair is in desperate need of tlc. My toes in need of polish.>

<On an important note, tomorrow is my last day as a dental receptionist. Monday is my first day at the new job. My new title is still a mystery.>

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Possible Wedding Dress


What do you think?

Friday, October 16, 2009

What do YOU want?

I want to know. Why do you read Manderz' Musings? What keeps you coming back for more? Is there something you want me to write about? Any changes you want made? Anything you've always wanted to say, but never have?

It doesn't matter if this is your first visit or your 100th. I want to know...WHAT DO YOU WANT?

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Great News

The news came yesterday: I got a job offer. I couldn't be happier. A chance to work in a lower stress environment will be quite the change; one my body and mind will be thankful for.

I got my first midterm mark back lady night. A 97%. I'm quite proud of myself for that. This weekend I have to study really hard for my accounting midterm next week.

So it's something I've been thinking about ever since I hosted a party. I want to sell Partylite. Not really for the money. My intentions are simply to do book parties. The idea is just to do it for the fun and great deals. It's added responsibility, but in the end I control how much time I dedicate.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy (Canadian) Turkey Day

This post is ultimately a test. A test of whether posting by email actually works. I'm hoping it does as that opens a whole new world of updating from my phone - something that has increased my use of Facebook and Twitter.

Turkey dinner tonight was delicious. Thanks to Crystal, Cammie, Kindel, and Jay for the great food and conversation. My first Thanksgiving away from home was an enjoyable one. And for those who questioned my Facebook statuses, I have resolved the "issue" and found some things to be thankful for.

My paper on Interpersonal Styles for my Interpersonal Skills class is half done. Getting that half written in the first place was not a simple task. I don't consider myself to be a writer, and I'm out of practice. The words were not flowing nicely that's for sure. I'd like to say this will be a good lesson against procrastination but if I'm honest I know it won't make a difference.

I'm hoping for good news this week. So send wishes my way if you have some to spare. Please?

Perhaps I should give myself a good night's sleep to help with finishing my paper tomorrow. So I bid thee farewell. For now.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Let's Talk

I wrote my first midterm this week in my Interpersonal Skills class.  It came up almost as a surprise - time sure does fly by quickly.  At first I was in an absolute panic as I was behind on my reading.  However, I was able to get enough studying in that I felt confident writing the test.  Now it's just a matter of waiting for results, and studying for next week's midterm.  I also have a four page paper to write, which is definitely going to put my writing skills to the test.  This is going to be the first paper I've attempted since high school (aka in over three years).

My 101 in 1,001 list is coming along.  I now have 65 goals.  It feels as though I've hit a wall now though, as I've been struggling to come up with more.  Perhaps I will start reading other people's lists in an attempt to come up with some more ideas for my own.  If anyone has any suggestions, I'm definitely open to hearing them.  Ideally, I'd like to finish the list by the end of October - just in time for NaBloPoMo.

Right now I am watching Ghost Hunters.  I love this show.

Today I convinced Jason to come shopping with me.  Barely, but he came.  I bought some winter boots, a new pair of shoes for work, some turtlenecks and a pair of work pants.  A month ago, I was in the mindset that I didn't need to buy any new clothes for work - I have tons.  And yet, I realized I need more sweaters.  I am always cold, and I need more options.  As for pants, I've lost eight pounds in the past two months.  Not necessarily intentionally, but it happened, and my pants are a bit loose because of it.  So I found a really cute pair at Ricki's, and they are long enough for me to wear with heels.  That in itself is impressive, as I usually wear a 33"-34" inseam with flats or runners, so I need at least a 36" for heels.  But Ricki's 34" inseam seems to be the perfect length.  Yay!!  Because I love my heels, and I dislike how limited my options become in winter (most of my pants aren't long enough).

I finally pulled out my Wii for a workout today.  It's been disgustingly long since I've had a true workout.  The only person to blame is myself, and I'm determined to put a change to it.  My muscles have been feeling tight, so I'm going to be fitting in some yoga this next week for sure.  I was expecting to feel exhausted after, but it was energizing.  If I can remember that feeling, it will definitely be useful in keeping me motivated.

Green Peace has been quite active in my area lately.  And I have to say, while I respect that they're trying to bring about change, I don't agree with the way they are approaching it.  Neither the trespassing and attempting to put a stop to work through unsafe practices, nor the fact that they seem to be putting the blame solely on the tar sands.  When I moved here, I found out a lot of positive actions that the companies are taking to reduce their impact on the environment.  For me, the most interesting was that every piece of land that is used will eventually be "reclaimed", and returned to it's previous natural state.  I've been to one of these reclaimed areas, and they're some of the most beautiful places in the area (in my opinion).  At the end of the day, I think the best approach is the reduce society's consumption of the products - make us less dependent.  Because let's face it, if the world abruptly stopped producing oil, the results would be disastrous.  What do you think? 

Saturday, October 3, 2009

What Have I Done to Myself?!

Today I got a massage.  It was my first time.  And while I would like to say it was the most relaxing thing ever, I can't.  Because it HURT!  Now before any jumps in and says something along the lines of "you're supposed to let the masseuse know", I was expecting it to hurt.  Hopefully, it will not be in vain.  Even now, 8 hours later, it still hurts.

The root problem is stress.  I have been extremely stressed out lately - mainly with work - and it just keeps getting worse.  Or maybe I should say, I haven't really done anything to rectify the situation until now.  So what exactly is the situation?  When I get stressed, I get tense.  Really, really tense in my upper back, shoulders and neck.  Add in lack of exercise (for various reasons), and relaxation just never occurs.  Meaning, the tense muscles turned into knotted muscles.  Which lately has been leading to nasty tension headaches on a daily basis.

Today's massage was step one in trying to calm down the angry muscles.  The masseuse did exactly as I requested, and worked on the knots.  It was definitely a struggle to focus on keeping my breath steady.  But I'm proud of myself, for letting her do what I asked, for accepting the pain as a consequence for my actions (or lack thereof).

Next up, a chiropractor.  I have an appointment in a week and a half.  Not as soon as I would like, but he's been recommended by multiple people.  And when someone is going to be twisting my neck, they better be good.  After that, I am thinking I will get another massage and possibly some acupuncture (if I can find someone who does it).  I am also going to make a concentrated effort to fit some physical activity into my schedule.  To do some yoga with Jason.  To use my Wii Fit.  To dig out my workout videos.  Maybe even get out for a run before the cold hits.

I'm also going to do everything I can to get an ergonomic set-up at work.  Perhaps I will just bring a drill in and install my own keyboard tray (my old one fell off).  I've waited over a month and nothing has been done.  I am going to sit up straight in my chair, and use as many stacks of paper as necessary to get my monitor to the right height.  It's not my fault if it doesn't look right sticking over the counter.  The current situation is not allowing me to do my job effectively.  I have been very tense, easily frustrated, and not the most pleasant receptionist to deal with.